Terms and Conditions

Payment Methods & Payment Processing

Louenhide currently accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.  Goods are sent when the total amount has been paid.  Placing your order means you are engaged in a contract and that you unconditionally accept the prices and descriptions of the items you have ordered.



Louenhide reserves the right to change prices for products displayed on our online site at any time.   The price payable for the goods shall be the price applicable on the date the goods are ordered.  Louenhide also reserves the right to discontinue any promotions as we see fit.



Local taxes or duties are included at checkout and nothing further is charged after checkout or on arrival.


Gift Vouchers

• Gift Voucers can be redeemed for online merchandise only and not for cash.

• Gift Vouchers can only be redeemed with Louenhide online, not with any other retail partner of Louenhide.

• Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of issue.

• Unused portions of a Gift Voucher may be used in whole or part against future purchases only, no change or refund is available.


Shipping and Delivery

See our Shipping and Delivery Page for complete information.


International Orders

We currently offer delivery to North America only – USA and Canada.



Please see our Returns Page for complete information on these topics.


Damage Claims


Claim of Item purchased on our website


Items are considered faulty based on the following only :

  1. Visible flaws in fabrics (marks or blemishes), sewing, construction or missing parts reported within two weeks.

  2. Tears in stitching or lining reported within three months.   Loose threads or dropped stitches are not considered a fault unless the structure of the item is compromised.

  3. Broken or malfunctioning handles, straps, zippers or hardware reported within three months.


We do not consider fault for normal wear and tear, neglect, or accidents.   Colour transfer from or to garments, or stains of any kind not apparent on arrival, are not faults.  


Timelines above begin at the time of purchase on our website, and we will require proof of purchase if we are unable to locate the sale via your name or email.


To satisfy a fault, we will offer at our discretion either replacement of same product if available, comparable product, or a discount code for same value on our website.     We do not offer refunds for damage or defect.


We do not offer cleaning, refurbishing, repair services or replacement parts.


If you are satisfied that your defect is covered by this policy, and your purchase was made on the Louenhide website, you can report by email to [email protected].   To initiate the claim, your email MUST include the name and email address from your order, as well as photos of both the entire item and of the damage.   


Claim of Item purchased with a retail partner


Items purchased at a retail partner should be claimed directly with the store – they can offer a wider range of solutions with our support, based on the date of your purchase.


In the event you are unable to make a direct claim with the retailer, a claim may be through us directly, at our discretion, and only with valid proof of purchase.  


For valid claims (see above three conditions of valid faults) on items purchased with a retail partner, we can only offer full or partial credit for use on our website, based on the date the item was sold to the retail partner, not your purchase date.  


If you wish to make a direct claim on an item purchased via a retail partner, you can email [email protected].   To initiate the claim, your email MUST include photos of both the entire item and of the damage, as well as of the original receipt.