Care Guide

Keeping Your Louenhide Accessory Looking Beautiful

Understanding how to care for your Louenhide bag will increase its longevity. The life span of any handbag will depend on many factors including how often it is used, care taken during use, and exposure to heat, moisture, sunlight and chemicals. Here are some tips in getting the longest possible use out of your Louenhide bags.

Vegan Leather (Polyurethane) Material Care Guide

Our range of handbags and accessories are crafted from vegan leather; a synthetic man-made fabric also known as PU (polyurethane). Chosen predominately for the quality, functionality and design options, our vegan leather products are a great choice for those who choose not to use traditional leather products.

To properly care for your beautiful accessory, please consider the following care measures:

  • Limit handling of your bags with freshly applied hand creams or sanitizers. These chemicals can damage the synthetic outer layer of handles.
  • Don’t over-fill your Louenhide bag, as carrying less weight will lengthen the life of your handbag and provide less stress on the handles.
  • If your products get wet, remove any residual water immediately with a paper towel and leave it to air dry naturally.
  • PU/Vegan Leather products may produce colour transfer when damp or wet. Please ensure you are cautious when wearing with light coloured clothing.
  • In reverse, lighter coloured bags can absorb dyes from clothing (especially denim), so take care when wearing them together.
  • Waterproof before use with a good-quality protector.

How to Store your Bags

We recommend that you use your Louenhide bag frequently to extend the life of your bag.

When not in use:

  • Store in a cool, dry place where air can circulate, and your product is away from direct sunlight.
  • Store your bag upright and stuffed as it would be in use.  Do not store flat as folds will cause permanent creases and can crack over time.
  • Store your bags in their own protective dust cloth bag to keep clean and prevent marks.
  • Open and air the bag every so often to prevent moisture, stiffness or cracking.
  • Rotate the use of your handbags, so none are stored for an extended period of time.

Handbag Cleaning Tips

To properly clean your Louenhide bags, follow these tips:

  • Use a light surface spray, baby wipes, or a slightly damp cloth with warm water to clean off any dirt or dust.
  • For stubborn marks or grease stains, use a sparse amount of eucalyptus oil or Goo Gone on a clean cloth and rub very gently.  Immediately remove the product with water, as left on they can damage the surface.
  • To clean the inside lining of your bag, we recommend using baby wipes.
  • To clean Suedette PU bags, gently use a baby wipe and soft brush against the grain to remove any marks.
  • Dryer sheets or a cloth bag of coffee beans can be useful to reduce unwanted odours.


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